Big Sale at SNP and Some New Goodies from Wendy Tunison Designs

I don’t have anything new this week to show you, but I am working on a huge kit for next week.  You’ll just have to wait for that one though!  I do have some news for you and a little FREEBIE at the end of this post.

It’s that time of year at SNP!  Time to do a little spring cleaning!  Almost everything in the store will be 50% off.  My entire SNP store is on sale, as is Wendy Tunison Designs shop.  Wendy also has a huge assortment of kits that she is retiring!

SpringCleaningAd copy

Wendy is retiring 32 kits this week.  They’ll be available from now until April 15th for just $2.00 each or you can pick up one of these four bundles to save some money!





Wendy has also got a fun new release this week called Temptations 29!  It will be 30% off through April 17!

Wt_T29 copy

Take a look at the beautiful layouts our CT created with this set (click to see them full size)…


As you can see, we’ve used Two Hearts for most of these layouts and that’s not only because it’s a beautiful kit, but it’s 50% off until April 17!


And if you were waiting for She Got Lost In A Book to be bundled up, it’s now in the store as a full kit and add ons as well as a HUGE bundle!




Wendy has got one more goodie up her sleeve!  She’s created a fun journaling style to give your journaling that handtyped/handwritten look!  It’s a subtle style that impresses your words into the paper.  I’m Impressed is perfectly created for both light and dark papers, this is a must have!


Now here is a better look at the page I created with Temptations 29 and Two Hearts:




Have a great day!


New Template Sets by Wendy Tunison Designs and a Freebie

Wendy Tunison Designs has got two new template sets for you this week on top of the two HUGE kits she already released on Tuesday!  Blockheads Vol. 1 is 30% off this week and perfect for scrapping those events that have a lot of photos!  You’ll love playing with the different photo/paper spots in this set!

Wt_Blockheads1 copy

Take a look at the way our uber creative CT used these…


Wendy has also got another fun set called Temptations Remix Vol. 11.  These 4 templates were available in challenges, on fb and in Wendy’s newsletter at one point last month.  If you missed them, now’s a great time to pick them up while they’re 30% off!

Wt_TR11 copy

Here’s a look at what our CT did with this set…


Wendy has also got Serenity on sale this week for 50% off!


Wouldn’t Serenity blend nicely with her new release “She Sparkles” and add just the right amount of funky to the glitz?




Don’t forget to pick up the pieces to She Got Lost In A Book while they’re just $1.00 each through March 7.


Here are the pages I made with these awesome templates, followed by a freebie that I made with Serenity.

This first one was made with She Got Lost in a Book


My next page is created with my kit Shopping Spree


This last page and the freebie was made with Wendy’s Serenity kit.




Have a great weekend!


She Got Lost In A Book by Wendy Tunison Designs and April at SNP

I think we are finally seeing signs of spring in most of the U.S. and some parts of Canada.  I know that here in Vancouver the cherry blossoms are exploding all over the place and the sun is shining.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been over winter for a very long time.  Hopefully all the fun things we, at SNP, have for you in April won’t keep you inside too much that you can’t get out enjoy some fresh air.  Just grab your laptop and find a good park bench or deck chair (and hopefully some good wifi), and enjoy both at the same time.
We plan to keep your Head in the Clouds with our April store collab kit.  This beautifully soft collection of elements, papers, alpha, templates, and quickpages will keep you coming back to use it over and over.
Grab the kit here and bundle here.
All you designers out there will love the raise we are giving your CU stash this month.  Grab our Raise It Up CU embossed paper pack, on sale at 25% off the first week of April.
What do you get when you combine a color palette and no theme with a bunch of UH-MAZING designers?  You get this month’s Bits N Pieces products.
They were given the colors above and free reign to design whatever they wanted with it.  The results are incredible.  Grab each of these products for just $1 each the first week of April.  It’s a perfect time to stock up and use them in the Bits N Pieces challenge in the forum.  Affordable digi-products plus forum points equals a great deal!
Don’t you just love to gather with your friends, get a layout completed, and earn a prize for it?  I know I do, so be sure to put all these speed scraps in your phone or on your calendar.  And remember, these are all stored in the forum calendar as well, and you can schedule a reminder from it!  Don’t miss out on all the fun!!
Here’s a closer look at Wendy Tunison Designs’ part of the Bits N’ Pieces collection.  Wendy is a book lover, plain and simple, as am I.  The older and more well loved, the better!  The library or a book store…well, let’s just say…this girl cannot be trusted with a  library card!  LOL!  Whether you’re scrapping story time at your local library or in your own home, you’ll find the cozy feel of this kit to be much like the comforting pages of your favorite book.  Chock full of a book lover’s must haves, this kit is just what you need to document all of those great books you’ve been reading or that “little addiction” you have to the local book store!  Best of all, each piece of She Got Lost In A Book is just $1.00 through April 7th!  Whoot!
Wt_SGLIAB_A1 copy
Wt_SGLIAB_A2 copy
Wt_SGLIAB_A3 copy
Wt_SGLIAB_A4 copy
Wt_SGLIAB_A5 copy
Wt_SGLIAB_Clusters copy
Wt_SGLIAB_E1 copy
Wt_SGLIAB_E2 copy
Wt_SGLIAB_E3 copy
Wt_SGLIAB_E4 copy
Wt_SGLIAB_L1 copy
Wt_SGLIAB_L2 copy
Wt_SGLIAB_P1 copy
Wt_SGLIAB_P2 copy
Take a look at the awesome layouts our CT created with this collection…
In case you missed the earlier announcements, Wendy has stepped down from her spot at Ginger Scraps and is exclusively at SNP!  With softball season upon them, Wendy felt it was a good time to step down and be able to focus on one shop.  If you’ve been following her at GS, we hope you’ll join us at SNP!
Wendy has got one more release for you at SNP today!  She Sparkles was part of the GS buffet last month at GS so be sure to check your stash before you buy it at SNP where it’s 30% off through March 10th!
Wt_SSpark copy
Wt_SSpark_clusters copy
Wt_SSpark_Lingo copy
Wt_SSpark_qp copy
Of course, there’s a big bundle discount if you want it all!
Wt_SSpark_Bundle copy
Here’s a peek at the layouts our CT created with this.  I’m sure you’ll agree…these girls are top notch artists!


Here’s a closer look at the pages I made with both of these wonderful kits…

ponytails_WTshesparkles ponytails_WTshegotlostinabook ponytails_WTshelostbook(blockheads1)

Hope you have a great month!


Big Kid Now

“When you need to go potty, stop and go right away…” How many parents have sung that song endlessly while teaching a little one to use the potty? Potty training sometimes makes you feel like you’re a prisoner in your own home, and you feel like you’ll go crazy if you have to wash one more load of laundry! On the other hand, it’s an exciting time, and there’s actually an end in sight to the never-ending diaper changes. It’s a phase all parents must go through, and we inevitably will take photos to be used as future blackmail opportunities. Remember all the funny things your kids say and do with Big Kid Now. And then heave a sigh of relief… it’s almost over! This kit is packed full of themed and non-themed elements in a neutral palette.  Suitable for boys and girls, you’ll find all sorts of uses and page ideas, as you’ll see in the CT layouts below.  You can pick up the parts separately, or grab them all in one big bundle! ponytails_bkn_preview


GingerScraps   ~   Scraps N Pieces


GingerScraps   ~   Scraps N Pieces


GingerScraps   ~   Scraps N Pieces


GingerScraps   ~   Scraps N Pieces


GingerScraps   ~   Scraps N Pieces

ponytails_blog ct inspiration



Now here is a little coordinating freebie from me…




Temptations 28 by Wendy Tunison Designs (and a freebie from me!)

I’ve got a fun new set of templates from Wendy Tunison Designs to show you today that is perfect for anyone doing P52/P365, etc.  I don’t know about you but Wendy struggles with the pocket style so she’s been trying to create a more fun version of templates each month for her albums.  Temptations Vol. 28 is 30% off through April 2nd.

Wt_T28 copy

You’re going to love what our CT did with this set!


I’ve also put Just Us {April} on sale this week for 50% off!


Be sure to stop by the Super Saturday Sale this week to pick up these three kits from Wendy for just $2.00 each!


There are also a few more days to play along with the Little Warrior Challenge on Wendy’s FB Fan Page!


Here’s a closer look at my page.  We finally had Sarah baptized (a little late!) and this kit just seemed to go perfectly with my photos!  Check it out…





A Little “Fabulous” Freebie

Happy Monday!  (It IS Monday, isn’t it?)  My husband and I are both shift workers, and now that we don’t have any kids in school I’m always confused about what day it is.  Currently I’m on days off, and hubby is in the middle of his shift rotation.  He does a 4 on / 4 off rotation, and I work part time on his days off.  Our weekends can fall anywhere in the week!  Anyway….

I decided it was high time to update my iPhone wallpaper, so I created a new one with my latest kit, Fabulous You.  And then I thought I’d share it with all of you.  Here is what I made, with a little reminder of what the full kit looks like…


ponytails_fabulous_previewGingerScraps   ~   Scraps N Pieces

I made home screen and lock screen versions for both iPhone 4s and iPhone 5.  The lock screen is saved as a png file so you can add your photo behind it and then save as a jpeg.  Upload them to your phone and then set them as your wallpaper.  Couldn’t be easier!


download button

By the way… I have an iPhone 4s, so I was able to check that everything lined up ok on my phone with that size.  The sizing for the iPhone 5 images I used from a screenshot off the web.  I’m curious to know if everything lines up OK.  If you use that size I’d love to get your feedback on how it looks.  Drop me a line here (ponytailsdesigns at gmail dot com) or if it’s off a little, I’d appreciate it if you could send me a screen shot so I can correct the alignment for the next time.  I’ve made templates so I can make more wallpapers down the road and not have to start from scratch again!  lol  One more thing… I’ve already updated my phone with IOS 7.1 so my wallpaper is aligned to that.  Earlier versions might be slightly off, since they changed up the look again oh-so-slightly.  So if you do send me that screen shot, please let it be for IOS 7.1.  Thanks!  … enough rambling…


Fabulous You now in Store

Fabulous You is all about telling the world how fabulous YOU are for a change. We spend so much time making pages about children, spouses, and friends that we forget to tell our own stories. Toot your own horn for a change and let the world see how awesome you really are!

Fabulous You, the kit created for the March edition of The Fix, is now available for purchase!  Pick it up this week for 30% off.




buy gingerscraps 300pxbuy scraps n pieces 300px


ponytails_fabulousyou_prev1 ponytails_fabulousyou_prev2

Gaining Altitude by Wendy Tunison Designs (and a freebie!)

Wendy Tunison Designs has an awesome new release for you this week!  Nothing beats the thrill of hearing that engine roar and feeling the ground slip away from you as take off in flight.  For frequent flyers, pilots and air show lovers, Gaining Altitude is all about that love of flying.   Full of vintage planes and gorgeous textures, this kit is perfect for all of the aviation enthusiasts in your life.  It’s 30% off through March 26 at SNP!

Wt_GAlt_full copy
Wt_GAlt_alpha copyWt_GAlt_pp copy

Wendy has also cooked up 8 add ons to this kit!

Wt_GAlt_addon copy
Wt_GAlt_aviators copy
Wt_GAlt_brushes copy
Wt_GAlt_Clusters copy
Wt_GAlt_jc copy
Wt_GAlt_Lingo copy
Wt_GAlt_QP copy
Wt_GAlt_rubons copy

And of course, if you pick up the bundle, you’ll save big time!  It includes the full kit and all of the add ons.

Wt_GAlt_Bundle copy

As if the kit wasn’t enough to convince you, check out the awesome layouts our CT created with this kit!


How would you like a chance to win a $25.00 coupon to Wendy’s SNP store?  Head over to her fb fan page and check out the Little Warrior event she’s set up.  You could be the lucky winner and if there’s enough participation, some lucky person will win her entire store!  Whoot!


Be sure to stop by SNP on Saturday as well because Wendy’s got 3 kits and 2 add ons in the Super Saturday Sale this week!


Now here’s a closer look at the page that I made with Gaining Altitude, followed by a little goodie for you…



download button

Have a great weekend!

Templatopia Vol.12

This week I have a new template set for you.  Templatopia Vol.12 is jam-packed full of paper layers and awesome cluster-y goodness.  This is the perfect template set for showing off a kit with beautiful papers.  Check out all the beautiful CT pages below to see for yourself!  Templatopia Vol.12 is 30% off this week and is available at GingerScraps and Scraps N Pieces. ponytails_templ12_preview

buy gingerscraps 300pxbuy scraps n pieces 300px                                     ponytails_templ12_prev

Have you heard that Survivor is back at GingerScraps?  This year’s theme is Digi-County Fair, and Ginger selected my County Fair bundle to create all the graphics for the competition.  Pretty cool, eh?  County Fair bundle and all the individual parts will be sold exclusively at GingerScraps during the competition and is a whopping 40% off for the duration!  I’ll be playing along with the competition as a “staff” player.  Why don’t you join in the game?  Sign up HERE.

ponytails_cf-bundle   ponytails_cf-carnival_previewponytails_cf-exhibition_preview




Recent Goodies from Wendy Tunison Designs

I got to play with some recent goodies from Wendy Tunison Designs.  The first I’m going to show you was created with  Temptations Vol. 27 , using the kit Love Softly.  Here’s my page for you, and I have a little freebie with this at the end of this post.


The next page I’m going to show you was created with Wendy’s Buffet contribution at GingerScraps this month, called She Sparkles.  There are a variety of packs you can grab this month.

Aren’t those beautiful?  Here’s a page I made with this set…


And now a little freebie cluster for you, created with Love Softly


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