Wandering and a Little Freebie

Sometimes you need a change of scenery to gain a new perspective on a situation.  Or sometimes you just need a change of mind or heart.  We all have our moments of searching or yearning for something new, better, or different.  “Wandering” helps you express some of those thoughts and feelings in a fun and original way.  Think of it like a journey of self-discovery!  Or maybe you don’t need to dig deep and you just want to create a page about a hiking trip or nature trail…  Wandering works just fine for that too!  With fun themed elements, along with wordy bits that help express your thoughts, you’ll have a variety of ways to scrap your pages.  You’re only limited by your imagination!  Wandering is 30% off this week!


I also have a little freebie for you.  I made up some coordinating dotted papers, which you can download below.  Enjoy!


Have a great weekend!




Speak Up! New CU Word Art Templates

I was working on some word art the other day to add into a new kit I’m working on, and as  I was saving them as templates so I could re-use them later I realized that if I wanted them, maybe others would too!

Don’t you just hate it when you’re scrapping with a kit and there isn’t any word art to go with it?  Fix that problem by creating some of your own!  These templates will help you whip up some perfectly coordinated word art in no time at all.  Scrappers can use papers and elements from the kit they’re working with.  Designers can create some of their own word art to put in their kits.  Easy peasy!  Speak Up word art templates are available in Circles or Flags or available as a Bundle for your convenience.  As always, new releases are 30% for the first week!







ponytails_blog ct inspiration

A few of my team members whipped up some fun word art with these templates and some of my kits.  Click on the previews below to be directed to their blogs for the downloads.  (Please be patient if they’re not all posted yet!)



Have a great weekend!


A Bit of Personal Scrapping Time

Hi there, I’m just popping in today to show off a fun page I just made.  The other day I was browsing through my Feedly blog feed and one of my scrapping friends wrote a post about a new kit she used.  The kit is called “The Doc Is In” and it was created by Colleen of Mommy Made This.  Now, if you have young children you’ll most likely know just by the title what the kit is about!

My youngest daughter, Sarah, who is 3 1/2, is in love with Doc McStuffins.  She recently received the “Check Up” medical bag and Lambie as a gift, and we’ve had to endure endless check-ups ever since!  Nobody is immune, including the dogs!  I definitely needed to pick up this kit to scrap my pictures of Doc McSarah.

Take a look at this fun kit as well as some coordinating extras…


Isn’t that just the cutest kit ever?  I fell in love with it!  Check out my first page (I have many more pics like these to scrap, so I know there will be more!  (The template is from a set that I’m currently working on for DSD.  Consider this your sneak peek!)


I made the titles myself, and in the interest of full disclosure those little Lambie, Nurse Hallie, and Stuffy characters aren’t included in the full kit due to copyright concerns (Colleen made them for her own use and was kind enough to send them to me.)  However, as you’ll see from the preview above, there are still some awesome toys included!   Colleen has also given me a coupon to share with my readers that gives you 20% off the kit and the extras too!  Wasn’t that sweet?

Here’s your code for The Doc Is In, good until Oct. 21st:     MMT_TDII_Ponytail

I also have a little freebie for you.  Click HERE or on the image below to download this fun little word art!





October Bits ‘N Pieces from Wendy Tunison Designs

Wendy Tunison Designs has cooked up a whole batch of goodies for you for the BNP sale at SNP this week!  For the first 7 days of October, you can pick up each of these pieces for just $1.00 each!

Wendy has always been a HUGE fan of creating her own planners and customizing other planners to her needs.  She’s created a fun little Artsy Planner kit for you that includes templates in 12×12, 8.5×11 and 5.5×8.5 so you can easily print your planners or simply keep them on your computer for easy reference and documenting.  She’s created the templates in gray scale so you can easily clip any paper to the pieces and play with the blend mode to truly customize your planner to your tastes and style!  Wendy also included some fun pieces to enhance your planner in this pack that I’m sure you’ll love and find that you can include in your scrapping as well!


Wendy has also created a couple of fun packs of Calendar Pebbles that will be great for customizing your calendar or planner or even placing on your layouts!  These fun pieces can be used as is or you can layer a color overlay on them to create a fun custom colored piece!



In addition to those fun pebbles, Wendy created some date stamps to add to your layouts and planner that she thought would be fun and versatile enough to fit most any occasion or need.  This first set would be so much fun to use directly on a photo or on a journal card!  There are so many possibilities.  Simply clip any paper to them or use your favorite styles to fancy them up!


The second set is a little more layerable.  Simply clip your desired paper to each of the pieces or add a style and layer these onto your layout or into your planner!  So super easy and so customizable!


Wendy’s also created some fun washi tape because we all know how much fun that is to add to our projects!


What’s even more fun that washi tape?  Washi tape with words on it or attached to it!  These fun strips of talking tape will make it so much fun to add a title or thought to your layout!


Of course, if stitches are more your style than tape for fastening things down and adding a little interest, you’ll want to pick up this fabulous stitchery set!  Wendy created each of these stitches herself and you’ll not find them anywhere else.  Full of fun autumn themed pieces and some versatile words and shapes as well, this set is so much fun to use!   She’s included some buttons and scatters as well because they simply make her happy!


Wendy has created some thought provoking journal card sets as well this month that would be so much fun to add to most any page or if you’re really brave, print them out and add them to your planners!



While she was on the subject of page prompts, she thought she’d create some fun little word tabs too.  Well, she just couldn’t stop and ended up with a HUGE assortment of fun words to add to your layouts.  Sized at 3 inches, these would work wonderfully as a cute title piece or you could size them down a bit and spell out some fun words with them!  Wendy tried to sort them out a little by category in case you’re looking for something specific.

D Is For Dates is just that…all about the dates you might need to document or celebrate in your life!  Included are the months of the year, days of the week, numbers, and several other fun words to use when documenting specific days!


E is for Exploration is for those of you that are looking to do a little self exploration.  Perfect for conquering all of those tough subjects and an art journaler’s dream set, you’ll find this one will make you dig a little deeper!


H is for How is chock full of descriptive words.  These would be all of those silly adjectives we all love to use!  Use them as stand alone titles or group them together for some silly fun!


I don’t know about you but my kids and I definitely can have some mood swings!  M is for Moody covers a wide range of moods from happy to wild and everything in between from mad to delightful!


Looking for something to describe the people in your life?  P Is For People has all the words you’ll need to describe everyone from your mother to your tween!


R Is For Random is just that…a whole lot of random words that could fit into perfectly any project you’re working on!


Do you ever need a title or word bit that covers the way you’re feeling?  S Is For State Of Mind is the perfect choice for you!


W Is For Whatever is full of all the things Wendy wanted to add that didn’t quite fit into any of the other categories.  It’s a modge podge of fun words that cover a myriad of things!  If you can’t find it anywhere else, it’s probably right here in this set!


Of course, you may want to have some papers to play with all of this!  Wendy has created two fabulous paper packs that are mostly black and white with just a hint of yellow and grey here and there.  These sets are versatile enough to work with most anything else and so much fun for adding just that bold pop of pattern to your project!



And finally, Wendy has created an awesome ellie pack full of clusterable pieces!  You know how much she loves to cluster and this pack has all of those pieces that make clustering so much fun!  There are plenty of flowers, leaves, and swirly things!


Now that you’ve seen all of the fun things Wendy’s created, wouldn’t you love to see the gorgeous and clever creations our creative team has made?


I just love all those beautiful grays and yellows, don’t you?  Here’s a better look at my two pages… Both were also made with my Hexed Vol. 2 templates.


ponytails_WT-taintedOctBNP(hexed2) ponytails_WT-TaintedOctBNP(hexed2)2

Have a fabulous day!

Witch’s Brew and Freebies Too!

“When witches go riding,

And black cats are seen,

The moon laughs and whispers,

‘Tis near Halloween.”

- Author Unknown

Are your little witches ready to brew up some fun this Halloween? Decorate your pages with these bright colors, super cute witches and all their friends! Something so cute can’t be wicked… or can it?


I happened to come across this funny little cartoon as I was looking for the little poem above.  It cracked me up, so I thought I’d share it here with you.  I have a friend who calls herself a Witch, albeit somewhat jokingly, and actively practices Wicca.  She’s one of the nicest people I know… a real Earth Mother, who grows her own veggies and tries to live very naturally.

Now, on to the goodies!  For the GS Buffet this month, the colors just screamed Halloween to me, and since it’s that time of year I thought I’d create some fun little witches and critters to adorn your pages.  So here’s my own little Witch’s Brew for you… and don’t forget that they’re all 50% off the first week!













The bundle will be available later on, but for this first week it’s a way better deal to grab the individual parts are 50% off.

ponytails_blog ct inspiration


ponytails_blog freebie

And now a couple of freebies for you.  The first you can grab on my FACEBOOK page…

It’s a set of date stick blanks that match Witch’s Brew.  (There’s a dated one in the element pack.)


And next I have this fun little bonus journal card for you right here!



Enjoy, and have a “wickedly” wonderful week!


This Month at Scraps N Pieces & Hexed Vol. 2

Depending on where you live, you might be feeling the full effects of autumn – crisp in the air, colour in the leaves, bonfires, football, and pumpkin-flavoured everything.  October is a great month to experience digital scrapbooking at Scraps N Pieces.  In just 16 days, the annual SNP Retreat will kick off a 2-day even in Salt Lake City that includes laughter, food, laughter, more food, oh… and maybe some scrappin’.  If you couldn’t make it this year, be sure to plan on coming next year… we’d LOVE to see you!  And don’t worry about feeling left out, we always take care of those who couldn’t make it… just wait & see.  I’ll be going this year for the first time, and I’m already counting down the days!

I have a new template pack to show you that I created as part of this month’s BNP.  In a nod to the upcoming Halloween season, I’ve called it Hexed Vol. 2.  It’s only $1!  Seriously!


ponytails_blog ct inspiration


Check out the rest of the selections available in this month’s Bits N Pieces.  Remember each piece is just $1 through October 7th.

 Next is our wonderfully beautiful store collab kit called Autumn Comfort.  Aren’t these colors UH-mazing?!
Through October 15, for every $10 you spend in the store, you get the Adore Autumn word art pack for free!

If you have some free time, stop by the forum or store Facebook chat app, during one or all of our store speed scraps.  Set reminders using the forum calendar so you don’t miss one!

Have a great week!

Birthday Bliss Now in Store!

Happy Friday everyone!  Birthday Bliss, is now available in both my stores.  If you missed it during the daily download here on my blog, you can still pick it up at 30% off this week!  Celebrate in style with this fun birthday kit full of sparkle and shine. Turning a year older never looked so good!



ponytails_blog ct inspiration


Don’t forget that it’s GingerScraps birthday weekend and there’s all sorts of fun games and challenges, as well as a Facebook Hop!  This is what I’m offering up on my page…


Just “Like” me and it can be yours!

Here’s what I’m offering up at our special GS Bake Sale… these are just $1 each!


ponytails_blog notes from nat

Sometimes we all need a helping hand. Our friend and CT member, Kim, is facing a very difficult time ahead as she deals with her husband’s terminal illness, as well as health issues of her own. She will be left with a young son to raise on her own and unable to work. We designers came together to try to help. We created a template grab bag that’s just bursting with awesome pages for you to create!  You can still pick up this amazing grab bag at both GingerScraps and Scraps N Pieces!


Have a great weekend!


Just Us August by Wendy Tunison Designs and a Freebie too!

It’s finally here!  The final kit in Wendy Tunison Designs’ Just Us collection is Just Us {August}!  Sand castles, sea shells and sailing, OH MY! Just Us {August} is all about the beach. There is nothing better than those lazy summer days and nights on the beach or the boat. It seems that your cares drift off with the tide. Watching your little ones sink their toes in the sand for the first time is priceless, watching them build their first sand castle or find their first sea shell…nothing better. Well, maybe having some alone time in the beach chair with a good book? That might top it off for you. The world seems to slow down and encourages you to just breathe, relax and drink in the beauty around you….or maybe a cute umbrella drink? However you spend your time at the beach or pool this is the kit for you!

Inside you’ll find 130 unique ellies, 1 alpha and 33 papers to delight you!  Even better?  It’s 30% off this week!

In addition to this huge kit, there are plenty of add ons to play with too!










As if all of that weren’t enough, our crazy amazing creative team has created another awesome set of quick pages for you!


While 30% off is wonderful, 67% off is even better and that’s what you get when you pick up the Just Us {August} Bundle!  The bundle includes the full kit and every add on!  Whoot!


Want to see what our creative team did with this bundle?  Well, I can’t wait to show you!


Pretty awesome, right?!  Well, Wendy’s been keeping us plenty busy this month and she’s got another release for you this week!  Temptations Remix Vol. 13 is new in store and 30% off this week as well!


Can you stand to see even more awesomeness from our creative team?  Check out these beautiful layouts!


If you love Wendy’s templates, you’re going to love her Super Saturday Sale items this week!  Check out the sale on Saturday to pick up these three template sets for dirt cheap!

Wt_T3Wt_T4 copy
Wt_T5 copy

And if you’ve been wanting the entire Just Us Collection, this week is the week to pick it up.  For just $45, you can get all 12 months and all of the add ons!  That’s a savings of over $230!  At 84% off, I can guarantee you’ll never see the price so low again!


Here are a couple of pages I created with these awesome new products.  The first is made with Just Us August and my newest template set Templatopia 16.  For the second page I used Temptations Remix 13 and Wendy’s An Extraordinary Life, which is always a go-to favorite of mine.



And of course I have a little freebie for you too!




Eh! Now at SNP, All Sorts of New Goodies From Wendy Tunison, Super Saturday, and a Little Freebie too!

I have a whole lot to show you today, so grab that cup of coffee and settle in.

First up, I’ve released my Eh! Collection at SNP this week, so if you missed picking it up during the GS Buffet, here’s another chance to pick it up on sale at 30% off.  You can grab the separate parts, or pick up the whole bundle!






Next up, I have a whole lot of goodies from Wendy to tell you about.  Wendy Tunison Designs’ second special of September is in full swing and all of her bundles are $5.00 less this week!  Be sure to grab them by Sunday because the sale goes away Monday morning!


In addition to that, Wendy’s got a fun new CU collection for you this week!  Designer Doodads Vol. 1 is 30% off this week!


She’s also got two new template releases for you this week!  Temptations 36 is a fabulous blend of brush work and diamonds plus it’s 30% off through the 18th!


The second set is Temptations 37 and it’s full of fun layers and plenty of photo spots!  It’s also 30% off through the 18th.


Here’s a look at some pages I made using one of the templates from Temptations 37.  I ended up using the same template, but changed it up a oh-so-slightly on each page.  I scrapped some fun photos from my husband’s surprise 50th birthday party that I threw for him, with an Anchorman theme.


If you missed out on Wendy’s Bits N’ Pieces sale, you’re in luck!  All of the pieces to Wendy’s collection, She Sought Grace, are on sale for 30% off through Sunday!  And if you were waiting to get it all, you can even pick up the bundle!  I’ve created a little freebie for you with She Sought Grace. You’ll find it at the end of this post.



In addition, our CT has put together another FABULOUS set of quick pages for you with She Sought Grace!  Don’t you just love that you can easily have all of their gorgeous pages right at your fingertips ready for your photos?!

Wt_SSG_QP copy

This Saturday brings about another Super Saturday Sale and Wendy and I both have some fun things in store for you!

From Ponytails Designs



From Wendy Tunison Designs

Wt_35mm_full_snp copy

Wt_35mm_alpha1_snp copy

Wt_35mm_alpha2_snp copy

Wt_35mm_wordies_snp copy



ponytails_blog freebie

And now the promised freebie for you, created with She Sought Grace.