Black Friday Sales!

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!  I just spent my first American Thanksgiving here in Maui.  We had a wonderful potluck dinner with the entire condo complex here, and now I’m stuffed and ready to go to bed (even though it’s only just after 8pm here!)  I decided to skip the midnight shopping craziness in the mall here and go to bed early, as we have a very early morning snorkeling trip planned.  I did take advantage of some of the online savings though, and I certainly cleaned out my paypal balance picking up the deals on new CU goodies.  If you’re looking for some great deals, check out the sales happening at Stuff to Scrap.  All the designers there are hosting their own sales and they’re all fantastic!  This is what I’m offering up for you…

Click on the image above or HERE to go to my store.  Happy shopping!

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