A Good Read, and a New Home

As many of you probably know, we closed our doors at Stuff to Scrap last night.  It’s a little sad, for sure, as that was where I got my start as a designer and I made a whole lot of wonderful friends there.  But as the old saying goes… when one door closes another one opens!  I’m very happy to announce that I will be staying on permanently at GingerScraps!  Woot!  The team there is so fantastic and welcoming, it’s already starting to feel like home.

So you know that door thing I mentioned?  Well, in this case not just one door opened for me, but two… as of November 1st you will also be able to find me at Scraps N Pieces!  I’m really excited about this opening… SNP was my first digi-home as a scrapper.  Without them I would never have become the scrapper and designer that I am today!  You’ll also be able to find several of my STS partners joining SNP this month as well.

Now on to the goodies.  The GS Buffet this month had a really soft, almost vintage color palette.  The theme was open for the designers to interpret as they would.  I decided to go with a reading theme, as that’s one of my favorite activities.  Especially this time of year when things are starting to get chilly and the rain is falling like crazy (at least in my part of the world.)

Remember, all the Buffet items are half off from the 1st to the 5th of each month… so you can get this whole kit right now for $2!  Now that’s a steal!

Here are a few pages created with A Good Read…

yabby_A-Good-Read-Nook_zps609dc6c3 yabby_Rob-Birthday_zps1e11b9d6

jerusha_Dollywood---Eagle_zps8a44aded melanie_kq1k

Have a great day!

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