Find Your Bliss

“To be happy, one must find one’s bliss.” ― Gloria Vanderbilt

Isn’t that what we all are looking for, in one way or another?  Joy, happiness, contentment, bliss… whatever you name it, we want it!  Find your bliss is a softly hued, somewhat dreamy kit that encourages your to find your own measure of happiness.  The faded watercolor effects and the sweet elements of this kit will surely help you get there!

Find Your Bliss was one third of the DSD grab bag shared by Wendy Tunison Designs, Keystone Scraps, and myself.  They were three amazing kits bundled up together, but if you missed the grab bag you can now pick up the parts individually.  Find Your Bliss is 30% off for the first week!


ponytails_findyourbliss_papers ponytails_findyourbliss_alpha

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6 thoughts on “Find Your Bliss

  1. Sandi says:

    We used to call material with small dots like this “Dotted Swiss” – Polka Dots were larger. When i was very small (about an eon ago) my mother had a navy blue dotted Swiss dress that looked simply splendid on her (or to be more precise – she looked splendid in it)! Hence, i have forever been nuts about “dotted Swiss” – these papers are charming. Thank you.

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