Sew Wonderful by Wendy Tunison Designs

Wendy from Wendy Tunison Deisgns will be the first to admit that she cannot sew.  She’s tried.  Her mom tried to teach her and about 5 minutes later she had pushed Wendy out of the chair in an effort to save the curtains they were making (she knows…curtains…straight line…should be simple!).  Her friend, Gretchen, came by a few weeks later to try to show her how because she really wanted to sew on a layout she was making (back in her paper days).  She had a little more patience but in the end left Wendy’s house laughing and stating the obvious, Wendy couldn’t sew.  LOL!  Well, here she am years later and she still can’t sew although she has managed to help her girls make a few t-shirt bags and in her one shining moment of sewing triumph, she even hemmed some jeans that were miles too long.  So she thought, the heck with sewing, she’ll just do it on her computer because she can make a digi stitch, no problem!  That will show her machine!  So she began creating and she couldn’t stop!  She had all of this fun fabric to play with and she had oodles of thread and notions!  And in the end, Wendy came up with this fun sewing kit for the Ginger Scraps November Buffet called “Sew Wonderful.”

Wt_SW_a1 copy


Wt_SW_a2 copy


Wt_SW_e1 copy


Wt_SW_e2 copy


Wt_SW_e3 copy


Wt_SW_e4 copy


Wt_SW_p1 copy


Wt_SW_p2 copy


Wt_SW_L copy


Do you want to see what our CT has sewn together with this set?




Wendy has also just added Pet Parade to her Ginger Scraps store so it’s 50% off this week!

Wt_PetParade_full copy

Wt_PetParade_alpha copyWt_PetParade_pap copy

Wt_PetParade_addon copy

Be sure to stop by SNP on Saturday as well for the Super Saturday Sale!  Wendy has got 3 great kits in there for $2.00 each!

Wt_AutumnHarvest_full copy

Wt_InTheSpirit_full copy

Wt_Merry_full copy

Have a great day!


One thought on “Sew Wonderful by Wendy Tunison Designs

  1. Sandi says:

    Well, Wendy – i completely understand – i can’t sew either! i have so many beautiful things made by my mother – and i was the best dressed child in school. My mother sewed for the pleasure of it. She made beautiful quilts, she crocheted, embroidered, knitted, painted china, decoupaged (when that was in style), and made our home a place of beauty, peace and love. But, i? nah, i can’t do any of those things. Well, i can embroider, but it’s a chore for me, not the relaxing pleasure it was for my mother. But, i’ve found my creative bent in the world of digi graphics. i don’t know why the “sewing gene” skipped me. My mother’s mother sewed her own wedding dress, and i have it framed and hanging in my living room where it is a lovely attraction. But – i sing, and i sing well. It’s my one claim to artistry.

    i’ve put your sewing kit on my “must have” list. Like you, i can “sew” digitally if not in reality!

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