Big Kid Now

“When you need to go potty, stop and go right away…” How many parents have sung that song endlessly while teaching a little one to use the potty? Potty training sometimes makes you feel like you’re a prisoner in your own home, and you feel like you’ll go crazy if you have to wash one more load of laundry! On the other hand, it’s an exciting time, and there’s actually an end in sight to the never-ending diaper changes. It’s a phase all parents must go through, and we inevitably will take photos to be used as future blackmail opportunities. Remember all the funny things your kids say and do with Big Kid Now. And then heave a sigh of relief… it’s almost over! This kit is packed full of themed and non-themed elements in a neutral palette.  Suitable for boys and girls, you’ll find all sorts of uses and page ideas, as you’ll see in the CT layouts below.  You can pick up the parts separately, or grab them all in one big bundle!ponytails_bkn_preview


GingerScraps   ~   Scraps N Pieces


GingerScraps   ~   Scraps N Pieces


GingerScraps   ~   Scraps N Pieces


GingerScraps   ~   Scraps N Pieces


GingerScraps   ~   Scraps N Pieces

ponytails_blog ct inspiration

ponytails_bkn_blog2 ponytails_bkn_blog3

Now here is a little coordinating freebie from me…




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