Daily Download – Birthday Bliss Day 1

August is my birthday month, but you get the present!  Every day this month I’ll be giving away parts of my latest kit, Birthday Bliss.  Happy birthday to me!

Here is Day 1 for you…


Sorry, download no longer available

Downloads will be available until the end of the month, and then the kit will be going into my store.  Enjoy!


13 thoughts on “Daily Download – Birthday Bliss Day 1

  1. Carlyn Moore says:

    Love your designs and look forward to each one. There seems to be an error for d/l #1 of Birthday Bliss. Has it been taken down? Thank you for all your freebies.

  2. yokomi says:

    This is a very nice color combo I like it very much but when I try to download I got a 404 error 😦
    Maybe you can help me with this ? Day 2 ik ok for me.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. jayleigh says:

    Today is the first newsletter i’ve had from you in awhile, so i don’t have the first few days pieces. i am going to look for the other days’ pieces because today’s shows me this is a really great kit! Thank you!!!

    • Natasha says:

      Thanks for the comment Jayleigh! It HAS been a while since I sent out a newsletter… longer than even I had realized! All the downloads are there until the end of the month, so you shouldn’t have any trouble collecting them all. 🙂

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