Rifle Racks and Deer Tracks by Wendy Tunison Designs

Ever since Wendy Tunison started designing, her husband has been asking her to make a hunting kit.  Oh and by the way, it must be perfect and it must include anything and everything hunting related.  LOL!  Well, she finally decided to try and tackle that request and she knows she will have to make a couple more add ons because she simply didn’t cover it all yet!  With a husband who is an avid hunter and 3 daughters following in his footsteps, I’m sure she’ll be adding more to this over the years.  But it’s a start and it’s a huge one at that!  Take a look at Rifles Racks & Deer Tracks…the kit for all your hunters and outdoor enthusiasts!

Kit Preview

Each part will be 30% off this week or you can get it all in a bundle for even bigger savings!  That’s 3 full kits and 5 add ons!  Whoot!

Take a look at the awesomeness that our creative team made with this bundle…


Even though we aren’t hunters, I just absolutely love this kit… there’s just so much to work with here!  Here’s a closer look at my page, using pictures from Rich’s birthday several years ago on one of our Banff camping trips.  He fell in love with that T-shirt!  In case you can’t quite see the text, it reads, “There’s plenty of room for all of God’s creatures… Right next to the mashed potatoes!”  He still wears it today!  I made up a little freebie cluster for you as well, after my page.






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