Cold Hands, A Double Double, and Some News!

Cold hands, a double-double, and some news… sounds like a typical Canadian morning doesn’t it?  I often hit my local Tim Horton’s as I run out to do errands, and if I’m lucky I have time to sit and read a newspaper (or check Facebook on my phone, as the case may be!)  But that’s not what I’m talking about today!



ponytails_blog BNP

First off, I have a new kit to show you, which is part of this month’s Bits and Pieces at SNP.  Cold Hands, Warm Hearts… it’s a saying I’ve heard as long as I can remember.  I like it because it evokes the fun of the snowy season!  We build snowmen, have snowball fights, or dig tunnels through the snow (at least I did when I visited my grandparents in rural Quebec where the snow was over my head!)  We wear mittens, scarves, and hats lovingly knitted by moms and grannies that keep us warm in our adventures.  Grab hold of the fun with Cold Hands Warm Hearts!  There’s still time to grab the parts while they’re $1 a piece!  (Images are linked.  Full kit will be available Jan. 8th)






ponytails_blog ct inspiration



ponytails_blog BUFFET

Next up is a set of double page templates created for the GS Buffet.  Double Double Vol. 1 features spots for big photos and a whole lot of little ones… or use journal cards instead, as you’ll be able to see in some of the examples below.


ponytails_blog ct inspiration



ponytails_blog did you know

And now for the exciting news!  I am doing a three month guest spot at Gotta Pixel!  How awesome is that?  My entire shop is on sale at 50% off until the 15th of January.






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