It’s Just Life Stuff!

Have you checked out Gotta Pixel’s Gotta Grab It this month yet?  It’s not too late to pick up all the parts of the GGI for $1 a piece!  (But don’t wait too long… GGI only lasts through the 15th!)


ponytails_blog GGI

Ever have “one of those days?”  The kind of day where nothing goes right and absolutely anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong.  Maybe you’re just having an average day with nothing special in it… or maybe it’s been a fantastic day and the sun is shining!  You never know what each day will bring, and that’s just life!  All the little things that make our days memorable, the triumphs, disappointments, the small joys and cute things our kids do (or not so cute things)… that’s life stuff!




If you want it all, there’s an easy all-in-one option as well.  Go here to buy all three at once and save yourselves a few clicks!

ponytails_blog ct inspiration


After the 15th the separate parts will be available for purchase all in one kit, with an included alpha.

Have a great day!



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