Country Girl Now in Store!

Happy September everyone!  It’s been a crazy time around here lately.  We were away for a week or so and during that time there were some serious wind and rain storms.  The power was out for over 48 hours and our back yard is just a mess with scattered tree limbs and leaves.  We had a couple of trees come down too, which took out the fencing of one of our horse paddocks.  Luckily our horses are all fine.  Our neighbour wasn’t so lucky… a tree came down on a shelter that a horse was hiding under which resulted in a broken leg and the horse having to be put down.  Another of their horses was impaled by a flying tree branch.  I believe that horse is going to be ok though.  Insane, isn’t it?  A broken fence and some yard clean-up doesn’t seem so bad after hearing that.  But, that’s all a part of living in the country, isn’t it?  Which brings me to…

…the big reveal of Country Girl!  Country Girl is now available in my stores and will be 30% off this week.  If you missed the daily downloads then now’s a good time to grab it on sale.  (The last few days of the daily download are still up, but will be disabled in the next couple of days.)



I just wanted to say a great, big Thank You to all of you for your kind messages and birthday wishes.  It made me smile each day to read them all, and meant a whole lot.  I’m happy that so many of you will find this kit useful!  Guess I’m not the only country girl out there, eh?  I’ve got another kit in the works called, you guessed it, Country Boy!  Look for that one coming out in the near future.  🙂

In other news, my Plaid 1 and Plaid 2 sets are now both available at SNP, also 30% off this week.


Show Off 1 is also now available at GingerScraps, 30% off.


Unfortunately I just didn’t have time this month to get anything done for the Buffet.  I do have most of my BNP set done, which I’ll bring to you next week.  I made a baseball kit with a softball add-on to go with the sports theme.  Sometimes life just gets in the way and things don’t get done on time, but I’m not going to stress over that.  (Besides, now I can add in a navy, which wasn’t part of the BNP palette and which I really wanted to use with this set!)

And now we’ve got some work to do in the backyard!  We’re hosting our annual Labour Day long weekend event and the yard is a mess after all of the wind storms!


On second thought… I’m pretty sure this is a “blue” job, isn’t it?  😉


4 thoughts on “Country Girl Now in Store!

  1. Lisa says:

    Gosh that was one big storm! Sorry to hear about your neighbor’s horses. Good luck with the cleanup. I live in hurricane country, so I know the feeling of looking at all the mess a storm can cause. Thanks again for the beautiful kit in August.

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