Cozy Cuddles and Shiny Happy People


Happy February!  I’m here to show off some new goodies that I created for the GS Buffet and SNP Bits N Pieces, and I have a couple of little goodies for you at the end as well!  Take a look…

ponytails_blog BUFFET 775px

There are some people out there who light you up, just by being around them.  They’re happy, and they show it.  They shine their light of happiness on others around them.  Let it rub off on you too… and try a little happy on for yourself!


ponytails_blog CT INSPIRATION 775px

ponytails_blog BNP 775px

There’s nothing like cozying up with someone special on a cold day.  A snuggle under the blankets in front of a warm fire is my idea of a great way to spend a winter’s day!


ponytails_blog CT INSPIRATION 775px


ponytails_blog FREE GIFT 775px





Enjoy and have wonderful, shiny, happy week!



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