Backyard Adventures and a Sunkissed Glow

It’s the first of the month and that means I have some new goodies to show you.  For both the Buffet and the Bits N Pieces this month I ended up creating outdoorsy kits.  With all the sunshine and hot temperatures we’ve been having in the Pacific Northwest lately, is it any wonder?

ponytails_blog BNP 775pxFirst off I have this month’s BNP which I called Backyard Adventures.  I’ve watched many children at play over the years and I’m always amazed at how their imaginations take flight when they’re outdoors and in nature.  It’s awesome!





ponytails_blog BUFFET 775px

My Buffet contribution this month, Sunkissed, is all about my love of the sunshine.  I’m an 80’s girl… we used to lay out on tin foil and slather on the baby oil for the ultimate golden tan.  And while I don’t recommend doing that anymore, I won’t deny that I do like having a little golden sun-kissed look.  But it’s much more than that too.  Being in the sunshine just gives me a sense of happiness and well-being that I just can’t get any other way.  Bring it on!





Aren’t those just fabulous colours this month?  I know I’ll be able to use both sets a whole bunch! Check out what my team has created with these…



ponytails_blog FREE GIFT 775px

And of course I have some goodies for you!  The first two are available right here…ponytails_BYardAdv_stackersfreebie




And this last one is available to my newsletter subscribers HERE.


Enjoy and have a great week!




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