Toothless Grin

Happy Friday!  Toothless Grin was inspired by youngest daughter, who recently lost her first two teeth within a day of each other.  It was a very exciting couple of days at our house.  That tooth fairy sure had to scramble for some loonies and toonies  (that’s one and two dollar coins for you non-Canadians out there) and I was cleaning up glitter in Sarah’s bedroom for days afterward! Sarah now sports a very cute gap in her teeth.  She’s mighty proud of being a “big girl” now!


Toothless Grin is available HERE and is 30% off this week.



Isn’t that a cute kit?  (Though I say it myself!  LOL)  Here is the page I scrapped featuring Sarah, followed by some wonderful pages created by my team and the creative team at Gingerscraps.




Here is a little gift for you.  Enjoy!


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