Let’s Flamingle

I’m coming to you a few days late with my latest but there’s still time to take advantage of the Buffet specials.  I’ve gone back to work these last couple of weeks after being off for 5 months.  Let’s just say that it’s kicking my butt a bit!  I’m a shift worker (fire dispatcher) and I work mainly night shifts, so I’ve had to get back into my night shift mode.  I was off long enough to feel like a “normal” person again, so it’s definitely an adjustment!  Anyway, it’s thrown off my game a bit, so my apologies.  🙂

Break out that flowered shirt and put on your lei… it’s time to let your inner “tacky tourist” loose for a night.  All you need is a fruity drink, colourful patio lanterns, and some lawn flamingos to set the mood.  Add in a dashboard hula girl and some ukulele and your night is set!  Limbo anyone?  Let’s Flamingle!

If you pick up the bundle you’ll get the add-on for free, which is a great deal and gives you some brighter colour options.

I also created this Add-On to give some brighter colour options.  You can pick it up on it’s own, or get it free with the bundle.  Just note that it’s not a stand-alone kit, but only some extras to enhance the main kit.  There’s a lot in there, but not everything you’d expect to see in one of my kits.  Keep that in mind if you pick it up.  (Personally, I’d rather get it free with the bundle!)

And of course, no new release would be complete without a gift for you.  These little emojis just made me smile, so I had to use them in some way.  Aren’t they awesome?!

I hope your weekend is awesome too!



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