Right Here Right Now

I’m coming to you quite late with this month’s Buffet, but with good reason, I promise.  My eldest daughter is getting married on Saturday and I’ve been so busy with the planning and prep that it hasn’t left a whole lot of time for designing.  The design work has definitely taken a back seat recently.  I thought rather than skipping this post altogether, I’d go ahead and post it right here right now.  (Haha.. see what I did there?  wink)  Remember, all Buffet items are 50% off through the 5th.

I think we spend so much time wishing… for that new car or house, for more money, a better job, for a happier, easier life.  As John Lennon once wrote, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”  Stop wishing away your life and celebrate what you have today, right here right now!

Enjoy this little coordinating gift.  And now I’m off to dye my hair to cover all the new grays I’ve grown this last week!

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