Showcase 4 and a Sale!

Hi there, this week I've released Showcase 4, which was a part of my iNSD template bundle. Showcase 4 features a whole lot of photo spots that will help you scrap your memories quickly. Gingerscraps is having a flash sale this weekend, so it's a great time to pick up some things you've had your eye … Continue reading Showcase 4 and a Sale!

Free Wheeling

In the immortal words of Queen, "I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like." It's a rite of passage in the life of a kid... learning to ride a two-wheeler is really exciting! So... "Get on your … Continue reading Free Wheeling

Just For Kicks

Like any sport, soccer teaches so many valuable life lessons like how to play with a team, how to win graciously, and even how to lose graciously.  As parents, we watch our children running around that muddy field and we encourage them to give it their all... and we get really good at tying (and … Continue reading Just For Kicks

Showcase 2

Today I'm bringing out the next installment of my iNSD Showcase Bundle.  Showcase 2 features a whole bunch of photo spots so you can scrap your pages quickly.  It's a great way to capture those events with a bunch of photos without having to scrap ten pages to do so!  Once again, check your stash … Continue reading Showcase 2

Let’s Flamingle

I'm coming to you a few days late with my latest but there's still time to take advantage of the Buffet specials.  I've gone back to work these last couple of weeks after being off for 5 months.  Let's just say that it's kicking my butt a bit!  I'm a shift worker (fire dispatcher) and … Continue reading Let’s Flamingle

Showcase 1

I've broken up my INSD Showcase bundles and am now going to release them one by one.  This week will be Showcase 1 from Bundle 1.  It's 30% off this week, but please remember to check your stash before purchasing! Have a great weekend!


I came up with the idea for this kit the other day when my daughter came home after being out with her dad.  She had picked me a beautiful bouquet of little yellow flowers and proudly handed them over with a hug and a kiss.  Sweetness itself!    That took me right back to when … Continue reading Posies

How are Showcasing your pages this iNSD?

Are you taking advantage of all the sales around digiland this weekend?  I know I am!  You still have time to pick up either (or both) of my Showcase Template Bundles here and here.  Each bundle is just $5 for four template packs through the 11th. Take a look at some the gorgeous pages that … Continue reading How are Showcasing your pages this iNSD?

iNSD is here… Template Bundles

Happy iNSD!  I'm sure you'll be busy shopping all weekend long (I know I will be!)  I have just the thing for you to scrap all those new kits with.  My template bundles include 4 sets each of brand new templates at just $5 per set!  That's four template packs in each bundle, valued at … Continue reading iNSD is here… Template Bundles