Note to Self

As women and mothers, we often focus on everyone else but us.  Don't forget to remind yourself that you are wonderful, worthy, and oh so amazing!  Preserve your stories and memories for your future self as well as your family.  "Note to Self" will help you do just that... so go ahead and scrap about … Continue reading Note to Self

Everyday Awesome

You know that old saying, "Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day"?  I try to live by that philosophy as much as possible and look for something positive, even if the day has been really crappy.  It helps me put things into perspective and sleep a little better at … Continue reading Everyday Awesome


I've been going through some difficult "stuff" lately which has been very challenging for me.  I'm generally a very positive and upbeat person... a half glass full kind of girl. Lately though I've been feeling very discouraged, with a real sense of unfairness.  I don't like feeling this way at all, so it was time … Continue reading Optimistic

Spring in my Step

Spring is finally here! The grass is getting greener, plants are emerging from the soil, and the birds are chirping once again.  I can't tell you how happy this makes me!  I completely a sunny (and warm!) weather girl.  Here on the west coast we've had an unusually cold and snowy winter. A few weeks … Continue reading Spring in my Step

Sweet Little Baby

Is there anything sweeter than a newborn baby?  The way they smell, the little sounds they make, the way they still smunch up into a little ball... these are the little things that (almost!) make me want to have another!  We've had two new little babies born to good friends in the last month so … Continue reading Sweet Little Baby

Par for the Course

A new month means a new Buffet!  This month the colour palette just screamed golf to me. Although I'm not a golfer, my husband sure is.  He's either playing it or watching it or talking to his friends about it.  (That is, when it's not hockey season of course!)  At one point we had reached … Continue reading Par for the Course

$2 Tuesday

This week's $2 deal is Focus on #yourselfie.... one of my personal favourites. Say cheese and snap a selfie! It's time to turn that camera around and focus on yourself for a change. We spend so much time looking after everyone else, but who is looking after us? Celebrate yourself and treasure the beautiful person … Continue reading $2 Tuesday

Two of Hearts Vol. 3

Hello!  Today I have a new template set for you.  Like the first two sets, each template in Two of Hearts 3 features two photo spots amidst clusters of goodness.  Dress them up or down as you wish! Two of Hearts 3 is 30% off this week!